MYSTERY, MAYHEM & MURDER – An Omnibus of Crime Fiction MYSTERY, MAYHEM & MURDER e-cover.1

David DeLee

February 2013

Includes five Grace deHaviland short stories and Cop Shot, the first Flynn & Levy murder mystery

Who shot a cop to death under the Brooklyn Bridge?
What lengths will a fading rap star go to remain on top of his game?
Where is a Boston cop’s kidnapped daughter being held?
When a young girl is raped, who will see justice is done?
Why has a serial killer targeted women found on an Internet dating site?

The answers to these chilling questions, and many more, can be found in the pages of Mystery, Mayhem & Murder, an omnibus of crime fiction from author David DeLee.

From the “awesome imagination of author David DeLee” (Suspense Magazine) comes thirteen pulse-pounding stories of crime and criminals and the people determined to bring them to justice, including six Grace deHaviland bounty hunter adventures, available for the first time all in one book.

Mystery, Mayhem & Murder — Available in print and ebook formats from these fine booksellers.


David DeLee

January 2013

A thrilling collection of short stories by David DeLee, an exciting new voice in crime fiction and author of Crystal White.

Patrolman Dave Powell, an unremarkable man who lives a mediocre life of unfulfilled dreams. Find out what happens when he suspects his wife of cheating in Officer Down.

The Hendricks’ house sits at the end of the desolate road, dilapidated and abandoned for generations. Discover what secrets it holds for Detective Brandie Addison and Sergeant Graham Caine in The Last House on the Left.

Frank Greaves, a cop whose wife died of cancer and left him to raise a rebellious teenage daughter alone, thought he’d reached the end of his rope. Be there when Trisha is kidnapped and things go from bad to worse in Serious Consequences.

To some, family can be more important than anything else. See what bounty hunter Grace deHaviland and her best friend, Sheriff’s Deputy Suzie Jensen, learn about immigration, racism, and family loyalty when an assault turns into a homicide in Family Matters.

Ride along with Detective Frank Flynn and Internal Affairs investigator Christine Levy as they seek a killer and expose some uncomfortable truths about Sergeant Tom McNulty and themselves in Cop Shot.

Tainted Badge — Available in print and ebook format from these fine booksellers.

RUNNERS – A Collection of Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Short Stories Runners - Cover3

David DeLee

July 2011

When you’re a bounty hunter, making snap judgments about people will often save your life. But what if those first impressions are wrong? When Grace deHaviland chases a bail jumper to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a long way from her home turf of Columbus, Ohio, she may discover the answer–with deadly consequences.

Expect the unexpected is a mantra bounty hunter Grace deHaviland has lived by for many years, but when she’s tasked with tracking down a young bail jumper for a relatively minor assault charge, even she couldn’t anticipate the trouble she and her friend, sheriff’s deputy Suzie Jensen, get into.

Tracking a U.S. bail jumper across the border into Mexico is illegal. But when bounty hunter Grace deHaviland and sheriff’s deputy Suzie Jensen do just that, facing charges isn’t their biggest problem: Getting back alive is.

Bounty hunter, Grace deHaviland and her best friend, sheriff’s deputy, Suzie Jensen have often worked together, but when the bail jumper they’re after is a school teacher charged with sex crimes, the issues they struggle with, and the secrets they uncover, are both startling, disturbing, and strike too close to home.

Family is very important to some people, as bounty hunter Grace deHaviland and sheriff’s deputy Suzie Jensen find out when a simple assault turns into a murder charge, and tracking down the bail jumper responsible raises troubling issues of illegal immigration, racism and family loyalty.

Runners — Available in print and ebook formats from these fine booksellers.



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