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Why? What are they up to? What does the eighteenth century pirate John Quelch and an old wives’ tales of lost treasure have to do with it? And why would anyone want to kill them over it?

Find out in BLOOD IN THE WATER – Available from these fine retailers.

New Flynn & Levy Story-Available Now!

Policing for Profit facebook size ad

New Release

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Meet Brice Bannon, a new private eye working the New England coastal beat. Check him out. Just click the link:


Fatal Destiny – Price Drop

It a St. Patrick’s Day Sales Event

For a limited time only, March 17th & 18th to be specific FATAL DESTINY, book 1 in the Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series will be on sale for ONLY $0.99.

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A Sneak Peek

Here is the first ever image of the cover for our next project, due out soon from crime writer David DeLee. POLICING FOR PROFIT COVER


POLICING FOR PROFIT is the third novella in David’s Frank Flynn & Christine Levy series of NYPD police procedurals.

When we know more about what it’s about, we’ll be sure to share that information too (David’s being unusually closed lipped about iof for the moment).

Until then, please enjoy this sneak peek of the cover and be sure to go and check out the first two novellas in the series–COP SHOT and RE-HOMED.

Available from these major e-book retailers.





For a limited time only the e-book version of FATAL DESTINY, Book 1 in the Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter series will be ON SALE for only $ 2.99.

Don’t miss this special, limited opportunity. Happy Holidays!

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For bounty hunter Grace deHaviland, the job seemed simple. Track down Barry Keegan, a white collar defendant in a corporate embezzlement scandal who’d jumped bail.A bean counter. How hard could that be?

But the case turns deadly when Keegan’s co-defendant ends up murdered, and Grace’s best friend, sheriff’s deputy Suzie Jensen, is nearly killed.

Drawn into a web of deception involving stolen mob money, old scores, and ruthless hit men, Grace must track down the elusive Keegan–a man who is more dangerous than anyone could have guessed–while she tries to protect his wife and son from a past they thought long dead and buried.

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Time Is Running Out!!

YOUR LAST CHANCE to grab DARK JUSTICE, a story bundle of ten novels from these remarkable crime writers, at a price so low its criminal. Authors like Lawrence Block, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Julie Hyzy, Rebecca Cantrell, Dean Wesley Smith, J Daniel Sawyer, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Melissa Yuan-Innes, Pati Nagle, and me David DeLee.

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Book Launch!!

It’s here–available now! Get it now!TAKE DOWN POD COVER.23

A Grace deHaviland Bounty Hunter Novel
David DeLee
Book # 4 in the Series
Ebook price: $5.99
Trade Paperback: Coming Soon

Under arrest and on trial for murder, Grace deHaviland might have laughed off the irony of being out on bail, her being a bounty hunter and all.

But when an old enemy comes gunning for her—literally—by blowing up her car, targeting her closest friends for death, and then, makes the biggest mistake of all—takes BCI Agent Eugene Booker hostage, Grace takes matters into her own hands. She jumps bail.

Pursued by a no-nonsense bounty hunter whose skills are as good as her own and confronted by deadly danger at every turn, Grace will do whatever it takes to save her lover’s life, including taking down anyone who gets in her way. The legal system be damned!

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FATAL DESTINY – Book 1 in the series is currently available at a discounted rate but only for a short time in the DARK JUSTICE story bundle with award winning and best-selling authors: Lawrence Block, Kris Nelscott, Julie Hyzy, Rebecca Cantrell, Dean Wesley Smith, J Daniel Sawyer, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Melissa Yi, and Patrice Greenwood.



A Chance to Win

Over at ITWs Neverending Giveaway we have a winner! An e-mail with the winning coupon code has been sent to Terry!

Congratulations, Terry! We hope you enjoy all of the novels in the DARK JUSTICE story bundle. And spread the word–.

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